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The Association of Credit Professionals

Managing Commercial Credit Risk

Your aim is to maximise sales and manage risk, so being able to show that you are commercially minded to your sales team, makes it easier for them to accept your credit ratings and guidelines.

• Gathering and understanding information
• Allocating effective scoring systems
• Monitoring performance
• Working with financial statements
• Scoring key ratios
• Commercial credit decisions
• Low, medium or high risk
• Measures of performance
• Measures of financial strength
• Working capital turnaround
• Scoring for higher commercial risk
• Why businesses fail
• Insolvency signposts
• Bad debt autopsy
• Group exercises


• Learn how to calculate your maximum exposure to your customers and the various steps you can take to mitigate it.

Case studies and delegate exercises will be used to address the major areas of difficulty.

Delegates will be shown how to relate the information to their work and bring away useful spreadsheets and calculations for daily use.

Expected benefits will include:

• Increased knowledge and understanding
• Increased confidence
• Increased motivation
• Better communication internally and externally
• New ideas
• Improved results
• A platform for you to build on

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