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The Association of Credit Professionals

ACP Insolvency Zone

A Completely Free and Exclusive Service from the ACP:

Dedicated National Creditor Services

We have worked with the best experts in Insolvency to bring you the following unique services. Click the jurisdiction on the map on the right to enter the Expert Zone for that area.

Insolvency support

Expert help and advice on any aspect of insolvency.

Representation at creditors’ meetings

If you are notified of a meeting of creditors for one of your clients, then contact our Insolvency Experts immediately – we can arrange for an insolvency expert to attend on your behalf.

Taking over the paperwork burden

Proxy forms, proof of debt forms…..protecting your debt portfolio involves a lot of red tape. We take over the burden of dealing with paperwork so that you can apply your skills and resources in more appropriate ways.

Case review

In representing your interests, we will always ask questions to ensure all relevant facts are brought to the attention of the meeting. We will also seek to modify the terms of an administrator’s proposals or a voluntary arrangement proposal for the compromise of debt, to enhance the prospects of a return to creditors.
We can take a supervisory role in the insolvency proceedings by sitting on a creditors’ committee on your behalf. If appropriate, we can also seek the appointment of an alternative, better qualified insolvency practitioner.

Referral enquiry and initial assessment

It isn’t always clear whether pursing a debt through an insolvency procedure will be worthwhile. We perform initial reviews for clients at no costs, to assess whether there are potential benefits to be gained from taking further action. We combine our objective opinion with realistic advice.
Recovering from a bad debt and keeping a loyal customer is a great improvement on a complete loss; and remember, it’s always cheaper to keep a customer than have to find new one.

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