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The Association of Credit Professionals

Purpose, Mission & Values

By having a coherent mission statement and keeping our core values at the forefront of all our activities, we operate across multiple sectors of the credit industry with a clear purpose.

Purpose - What we are here for?

Your ACP was developed to assist you to improve, develop and grow your business by the sharing of key skills, knowledge and confidence.  We aim to help you to be the best credit professional that you can be, by the sharing of our knowledge through our network of experts.

Mission - How we serve our purpose?

We are member-centric organisation, dedicated to improving opportunity, training and networking for the credit professional of all ages, seniority and competence within the UK and Ireland.   By way of career-specific networking, we aim to give you the best opportunities for development and growth within your industry and supply support on both a national and local level as and when required.

Vision - Where we are going?

To be the first-choice professional body in the UK and Ireland for all credit professionals.