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Shergroup marches forward into recruitment

Established in 1780, Shergroup continues its march forward to be the business solutions group to meet the needs of its client communities. This year sees Shergroup enter the field of recruitment – a highly competitive field but one which meets the needs of so many of Shergroup’s clients.

Looking for the best


Claire Sandbrook, Shergroup CEO, has wanted to put “people with sparkle” in front of her own clients and help them grow teams of

passionate and dedicated people. Over the years Claire and Shergroup have helped launched the careers of many high-flying people in the UK’s High Court enforcement industry, and in the outsourcing industry in India. Now she wants to capitalize on the group’s international network and find superb people for the next stage of their careers in the UK and US.

The approach of Shergroup is to place candidates where they are going to shine – and make a real difference to their new employer. Shergroup’s clients deserve the best talent in all the solutions the group offers – so whether its finance, security, outsourcing, or legal, the Shergroup team are looking to create the perfect match of employer to employee and vice versa.

Shergroup recruits Donna Murphy to grow recruitment

Shergroup has recruited Donna Murphy who used to recruit for Shergroup in her previous role. She had so much sparkle that she has been adopted into the Shergroup TEAM as a Business Solutions Advisor with an acknowledged expertise in knowing what works for Shergroup. Donna’s mission is to grow the Shergroup Recruitment service both in terms of onshore and offshore employment relationships as well as to grow Shergroup’s growing team of Business Solutions Advisors. She says about her new role, “I am excited to finally being working with Claire and the team, and to develop the recruitment service for Shergroup clients and stakeholders”.

For more information about how Shergroup Recruitment can help you contact Donna Murphy by email at [email protected] or call her on 0845 890 9200.