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The Association of Credit Professionals

The People Involved

Gaining Accreditation - The People Involved

The role of the ACP Accreditation Board

The ACP Accreditation Board’s main role is two-fold: first to ensure the Accreditation standard is met by organisations being assessed based on the findings of the assessor; second to continue developing and improving the standard and process to ensure it provides continued value in the future.

The role of the Assessor

The Accreditation Assessors are ACP Accreditation Board members, fellows and consultants trained in assessing the standard. Their primary role is to assess your organisation against the standard and recommend to the ACP Accreditation Board whether or not you have achieved the standard.

At the outset, the Assessor will agree on an assessment methodology with you, identifying key objectives to be achieved during the Accreditation process and how much time will be allocated to:

  • Interviews with a number of your company’s employees;
  • Focus groups;
  • Written documentation;
  • Assessor observations.

Upon completion of the assessment, the Assessor will reflect on the evidence gathered and how well you meet the criteria set by the Accreditation. The Assessor will send you a draft report for comment prior to submitting it to the ACP for final approval.

Your role

You’ll be expected to provide us an overview of your processes and relevant documentation prior to the assessment days taking place.

During the assessment you’ll need to be on hand to answer any questions arising from the interview.

Following the assessment you will have the opportunity to review the findings in the report and provide additional information and evidence.

The role of your team and colleagues

Your team and colleagues will be interviewed as part of the assessment process.