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The Association of Credit Professionals

The Process

Gaining Accreditation - The Process

The ACP Accreditation provides a framework that helps you to improve performance and realise objectives through the effective management and development of processes, continuous improvement and people.

The process has the following steps:

  • Application
  • Survey
  • Documentation Review
  • Interviews
  • Draft report and review
  • ACP Accreditation Board Approval


If you wish to be assessed you must first contact the ACP by emailing [email protected] You will be sent an Accreditation application form.

The application form will ask for company specific data so we know who is applying.


You will be asked to complete the Web Survey. This will give us an initial idea about how your company’s approach to Credit Management so we can formulate questions specific to your organisation.

Documentation Review

Specific documentation will be requested for you to submit. This will include credit specific documentation, such as a credit policy, through to continuous improvement processes you have in place, job descriptions of current employees and organisation structure.

Although a significant amount of documentation will be requested, do not worry if it is not all available. Different companies work in different ways and capture information differently.


We will want to assess how well Credit Management is embedded within all aspects of the company. A number of employees from across the business and differing levels will be interviewed.

We are looking for both depth and breadth of understanding appropriate to individuals’ roles.

Draft report and review

Following the documentation review and interviews, the assessor will write a report with his/her findings. The report will highlight where you have met or not the standard of the Accreditation and any concerns the assessor has.

If the assessor has any remaining questions, they will be submitted to you with the draft report.

You have an opportunity to review the report and question any findings you find surprising or unsubstantiated. Following a discussion with you based on your evidence, the assessor may decide to change the report to reflect the new information.

A final report will then be completed and submitted to the ACP Accreditation Board.

ACP Accreditation Board Approval

Following your review and comments of the draft report, a final report will be submitted to the ACP Accreditation Board for approval. Subject to the Board finding the standard to have been met, Accreditation will be granted immediately and a certificate issued to the successful company.

Whether Accreditation is granted or not, you will receive the final report following the ACP Accreditation Board’s review.