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The Association of Credit Professionals

Training General

Investment in your employees may just be the wisest and most important decision you make.  Ensuring that your staff have the essential training and support to ensure their personal and professional development can have the effect of improving your sales, administration and credit control.  Employees who have the support of their employers, tend to be more confident and able to deliver a sound and reliable service to not just their company, but importantly, their employer’s clients.

With Customer Service and its partner; Credit Control becoming more crucial to building a successful business, taking the time out to consider your team’s training needs is something which all senior managers and directors should be doing, and including in their annual budgets.

Knowing which trainer to engage with can be difficult, but ACP tailor individual modules and packages to ensure that the relevant credit management and customer service skills are identified for your company, ensuring that you receive the best training and follow-up support.

ACP has identified that interactive training helps improve the learning experience, and so we believe that the best way for credit professionals to learn the correct skills and operational techniques, is by guided, hands-on experience.  This way, the employee learns in a safe and controlled manner.  Follow-up support is offered to companies to ensure that the best result is achieved for all.

To further assist you, we structure your training with a pre-course consultancy which enables us to ascertain exactly which areas need support and we follow up your training with a period of support when advice and guidance is offered for delegates’ continued development.

ACP presenters and trainers are all experienced, senior credit practitioners in the financial industry, all with the ability to engage delegates in their relevant field of study and the skill to guide their development.

Here are some of our more popular courses

We have developed an integrated training program that is designed for everyone working in credit from those who are new to the credit management role up to and including those who are at Director level.

We offer support to all credit professionals regardless of their position, we also assist in getting you to the next level, aiding you with your desire for promotion.

Our training courses include the following roles:

  • Starting out in Credit – the 10 things you need to know before you start your job.
  • Working in Collections
  • Working as a Credit Controller
  • Working as a Risk Analyst
  • Working in Credit Management
  • Preparing for your first role as Credit Manager
  • The experienced Credit Manager - continuing your journey of professional development

We provide our expertise to businesses as well as individuals. We believe that credit management should be available to all businesses, regardless of their size, whether you’re a sole trader or a multi-national corporation, we can provide a solution for your business. We currently work with:

  • SME’s
  • Corporate Business
  • Multi-nationals
  • Consumer Credit
  • Call Centres

Other courses that we offer include:

Telephone techniques - This is one of the most important skills within a collections team. This workshop aims to improve and streamline your telephone techniques to enable more effective and productive communication. Remaining positive, remaining calm, owning the call, what makes a productive call

Customer service - The full customer experience, dealing with angry customers, empathy, under promising and over delivering.

Improving collections technique – Streamlining the internal processes and procedures within the collections department to ensure a more efficient and proactive approach to cash collection

Collection strategy - Collections is an important service that helps to maintain an adequate flow of cash and in ensuring that clients are managed in line with their creditworthiness

Best practice for cash collections - This one day course defines what best practice is and covers creating, documenting and implementing best practice for cash collection and how to define your own best practice by adapting the format to suit your business

Letter writing for credit control - This workshop covers writing letters to clients using the correct grammar. It also covers what words should be avoided and which words have the most impact

Excel - Excel spreadsheets play an important part in the collections process including calculations of DSO and cash forecasting. This course takes you through the basic formulae necessary to carry out your credit control role

Basic accounting - Reading the balance sheet and profit and loss. Which parts of the accounting equation are essential to cash collection. Interpreting credit reports and how they can be utilised to save your company money

Identifying when to take legal action – This course is for those that need to take the debt further when all other avenues have been explored and the cash is still not received. It is useful for those who need assistance with identifying what needs to be carried out internally in order to ensure that the debt is valid. We provide a litigation checklist within the training material

Issuing statutory demands - This course enables the credit team to complete the necessary pre-legal documentation.

Certificate in CM - Our Level 3 certificate is suitable for credit team leader and above, or those wanting to take their credit management career to the next level. Each course runs through Blended Learning for a full academic year, with terms from February to May, with exams in June and from September to December with exams in January and covers – overview of credit management, the business environment, managing the team and creating a robust collections process

Diploma in CM Level 5 – Each course runs through Blended Learning for a full academic year, with terms from February to May, with exams in June and from September to December with exams in January. The four subjects covered in the Diploma are:

Credit Management 2
Principles of Management
Credit Management & Insolvency Law
Credit Management Project


To aid your professional journey we provide mentoring support to those who request it, the cost is dependent on your individual needs.

Contact [email protected] for more details or to book your place today!