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The Association of Credit Professionals

The Association of Credit Professionals | Industry Body

Jennifer Lambden

Jennifer Lambden FACP MABM MIoEE - Chair

The ACP was formed in 2006 by like-minded Credit Professionals intent on raising the profile of the Credit Industry and each and every Credit Professional who join us as members. I am immensely proud to be the 4th Chair and have served on the Executive Board since its inception.

The ACP continues to be the only Credit Industry body operating in both the UK and Ireland with the ability to equally support members across the 2 jurisdictions making it the essential source of support for all those involved in the granting, collection and management of Credit and/or debt in both regions.

The ACP is a member driven non-profit organisation, all ACP Board Members are paid up members who give their time freely to create networking opportunities and provide support to all members.

I actively encourage all members to get involved and have your voice heard to help shape how we presents the ACP to the industry.


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