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The Association of Credit Professionals

Cash Collection by Phone

You are in a competition for cash and Cash Collection training will look at using best practice techniques for both outgoing and incoming calls, negotiating with and influencing customers to prioritise payment of your invoices ahead of others.

Declan Flood brings his enthusiasm, energy and passion for the development of credit in business and to share his knowledge and understanding of credit with all participants on the course.

You will get an amazing insight into the credit function and lots of new ideas on how to become more effective with a minimum of stress to yourself. Among the topics covered on the day are:


  • Understanding your role
  • Strategies for success
  • The power of focus and more importantly focusing on the right things
  • Recognising the different types of customers you are dealing with
  • Dealing with customers willing and able to pay, willing but unable to pay and able but unwilling to pay
  • Assertive, non-assertive and aggressive behaviour
  • Demonstrating how assertive behaviour gets results
  • The importance of getting and using names
  • How to get the facts from your customer
  • Really listening
  • Tactfully taking control of the call
  • Gathering and logging the right information
  • Turning incoming calls into collection calls without sacrificing goodwill
  • Dealing with queries and complaints
  • Rules to consider for successful cash collection
  • Creating a mood of co-operation by appearing to agree in order to change
  • Asking exceptional questions and making exceptional statements that get results
  • Using influencing factors (benefits) to encourage payment sooner rather than later
  • How to make influencing factors work for you in difficult situations
  • Stressing the benefits of paying rather than the consequences of non-payment
  • Dealing with situations you find difficult
  • Rules to consider for overcoming reasons for non-payment
  • How to overcome reasons given for non-payment
  • Overcoming excuses you find difficult to deal with



  • Reaching agreement
  • Ensuring everyone is clear on what has been agreed
  • Ensuring the arrangement sticks
  • Following up progressively

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