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The Association of Credit Professionals

Starting Out in Credit Control

The idea of ringing a person or a company looking for money can be a scary prospect, particularly if you have never done it before. I have yet to find a trainee who left school wanting to be a credit controller, so most people simply fall into the role. This one day course is designed to make sure they start off in the right way. Some of the areas we will cover are:

The importance of excellent credit control

  • You are dealing with customers - not debtors!
  • How to be effective without upsetting customers
  • The difference between assertive and aggressive
  • How to stay focused on you desired outcome - no matter what.
  • How to deal with difficult customers (including the downright obnoxious!)
  • How to keep yourself motivated.
  • The importance of being friendly, courteous and professional.
  • Dealing with internal issues that may arise
  • Getting cooperation from all
  • Daily, weekly and monthly check-lists.

I see this course as an essential start to a career in credit for all who are looking to get into the profession and as a result I have set the price at an amazing €179 that includes a full lunch, refreshments and a set of tools and hand outs that will be used throughout their time working in credit and a full year's membership of IACP - the Irish Association of Credit Professionals.

Starting out in Credit

To book your place call us today 01 659 9466.

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