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The Association of Credit Professionals

IACP Foundation Award

Foundation award in Collections

Trade and Consumer Collections

This module looks at all aspects of collections from start to finish. It covers nine areas to improve your understanding of the collection process and shows you clearly how to get better results. On successful completion of this single module you will receive a Foundation Award from the Irish Association of Credit Professionals and you will be one quarter the way to receiving your Certificate in Credit Management. The course is delivered through Blended Learning to suit a busy credit controller. The nine modules covered are

Module 1
Understanding the Role of Credit in Business
a. The Role of the Trade Collector
b. The importance of your Customers
c. Understanding Credit Terms and Credit Limits
d. Dealing with Sales and Other Departments
3. Verbal Communications
a. The right words and the right questions
b. Tone, tambour, volume and speed
c. What you say and what they hear
d. Developing confidence

Module 2.
Overview of Consumer Credit
a. The Role of the Consumer Collector
b. The importance of Credit
c. Financial literacy
d. Remaining in control

Module 4
Other  Communications
a. Letter writing
b. Emails & Text messaging
c. Face to face meetings
d. Door to door visits
e. Dealing with excuses

Modules 5
Understanding the customer
• Personality types
• Expression of emotion
• Change in circumstances
• What is reasonable

Module 6
The reasons for non-payment
• The reason they tell you and the real reason
• Can’t pay
i. Getting the facts
ii. Negotiations skills
• Won’t pay
i. Understanding the motivators
ii. Finding the appropriate consequences
• Shouldn't pay
i. Determine if it is genuine
ii. Taking the proper steps
• Dealing with excuses

Module 7
Stages of the Call
• Start, middle and end
• Emotion, Logic and Power
• Before, during and after
• Identification, issues and commitment

Module 8
Legal issues
• Data Protection
• Consumer Credit legislation
• Overview of Corporate Insolvency
• Collection through the Courts
• Regulation
• Dealing with MABS and other debt management agencies

Module 9.
Being effective
• Dealing with stress
• Staying in Control of every situation
• Priorities
• Dealing with returned cheques and direct debits
• Using third party agencies

On completion of this course you will have a complete understanding of the collection process, you will understand your customers at a whole new level as you learn about the different communications techniques and personality types that can make this job so difficult. You will find yourself in complete control of every interaction and as you are focusing on the required result at all times you will find each interaction an educational experience rather than stressful. You will learn the correct words to use and the right questions to ask that always focuses on solutions and not problems.

The key to good credit management is that is should help a business to sell more. This course incorporates a new commercial awareness in all that will help the overall business not only through better cash flow but also with developing stronger relationships with your customers, which are at the heart of every businesses success.

The price of this single module is only €395 (+€50 exam fee), which covers your induction session, all your course notes, short tests, assignments, tutor support via email and telephone, a revision morning and a two hour written exam and a graduation ceremony where you will receive your award.. As a student of ICMT you will receive 30% discount on your IACP membership - normally €70 per year, ICMT students only €49.

Ask us for details, you can contact Mary or Declan for further details:

Irish Credit Management Training,
121 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2
Tel 01 659 9466   Fax 01 659 9401 Email: [email protected]